Studio Gies

Studio Gies is a creative studio based in Marseille, France specializing in Digital Art, Direction and Visual Identity.

I do

Branding- Graphic- Web- Design.

Based in

Marseille, France

I am
Intuitive & Strategical. Holistic thinking. Sun-seeking. Feminist.

Bold. Driven.

How I work

First concept, then design



First things first: We will talk about everything that is on your mind. We will clarify your wants and needs and answer every open question for the upcoming project.


Briefing & Strategy

Based on the information given in our conversations i’ll set up a first briefing before I hand you a questionnaire to get to know you and the core of your brand deeper.

We will work and clarify your positioning, your ideal client and your core values, if this isn’t set yet.


Concept & Design

Then I will go into a deep phase where I’ll translate the Briefing and Strategy into a design, that is not just pretty or modern but really what you and your business need. Professional and on point.

We will create Brand Guides, Logodesigns or thriving Websites.



Depending how much you want to be involved in the process I’ll pitch my ideas, moodbaords or logos step by step or at the end of the process. 
If there is any feedback we will work on it strategically to finish with a design that you love and feel.

Creating outstanding brands with a strong core

Great brands share a foundation: a compelling mission, a defined target audience, and set core values.

I create comprehensive brand guidelines for consistency, trust, and professionalism. Translating your foundation into visually stunning and effective design, I bring brands to life, forging genuine connections, delivering impactful messages and setting trends.

Blending strategy and holistic design to craft brands that captivate and resonate.

Founder of Studio Gies

I’m driven by the art of creating strong, conceptual brands that connect with the core of your enterprise and express on point who you are.

Living and working in the vivid city Marseille since 2022, Studio Gies marks a new beginning for me, a fusion of my last years learnings and my great love for design and art. Always inspired by the sun and the sea of the South of France. ☼

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