Studio Gies

A multidisciplinary design studio in the heart of Marseille.

I love design with a good balance of strategy and intuition and envy to work with people who dream big and think outside the box.

Consciously using the power of design I am passionate to strengthen the voice of brands that deserve to be heard and seen.

Hey, I am Kat

Founder of Studio Gies

I’m driven by the art of creating strong, conceptual brands that connect with the core of your enterprise and express on point 
who you are.

Living and working in the vivid city Marseille since 2022, Studio Gies marks a new beginning for me, a fusion of my last years learnings and my great love for design and art. Always inspired by the sun and the sea of the South of France. ☼

You are right with me,

if you..

More than pretty

Good design =

Design with concept and strategy

Good design doesn’t come out of nowhere. Behind every strong brand design is a strategy, a defined brand essence and a clear goal.

„First concept, then design“

A clearly defined concept originates design elements, logo designs or visual identities that last for years, that appeal to the target group at first glance and with that emotionally connect with your clients.

& a little bit of magic

Every brand I create carries a little bit of magic. Its like connecting dots, setting a puzzle together. There is something I can’t explain about each design process that leads to a great and deep result and to a happy client. Like magic.

I see you

As an empathic person, I see you and understand you. 

I translate your values, your strategy and goals, the expression of your work, into a design that shows at first glance how great you are and what makes you and your company special. 

We emphasize your unique selling point and differentiate you from your competitors by showing WHAT makes YOU and your company unique.

Ready to create something amazing?