Living Wine

[Labeldesign & Rebranding for Brand and fils - Private project]

The label design and brand visual: A vivid and expressive collage with animals of the wine region

The logodesign: According to the brand design concept (many pieces created a whole)

Colors and brand photography: Vintage, warm and noble

Final design visuals

Packaging: Flat view

Rebrand & Labeldesign

Fictitious redesign of a natural biodynamic wine brand based in Alsace, France. 

Since natural wine is a product that is uniquely created from the individual natural conditions and many small details of the manufacturing process, the design concept i created was „a unified whole„.
In other words, to show abstractly that wine is something that arises from many individual circumstances but ultimately results in a whole.

That’s why I decided on presenting a collage for the label design under the theme of „La Chimere“, which appropriately represents the versatility of taste and, with the collage technique, fits in with the profession of natural wines and the concept – many parts make a whole.

The overall impression of the collage is vivid and expressive to symbolize the vivacity and depth that a natural wine offers.

Adobe Jenson Pro Light (Italic) Display 

Artistic Direction




Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

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