Making music visible

[Translating music into design - Private Project]

final design 

mood pictures

closeup graphic

Cover Redesign

I translated the music from the album „Lonesome Dreams“ of Lord Huron into a vinyl cover design based on a analyse of their music and their characteristics.

Their atmospheric music is talking about adventures, the start of something new, but yet is transporting a melancholic and nostalic feeling like sharing a memory that already passed. Its an ambivalent mood that makes happy and sad at the same time and lets you dream of road trips and a life outdoors.

The cover design is representing the feeling of nostalgia throughout its colors, the vintage typography and the grain texture.
The waves are representing the ambivalence. The come and go of feelings and the expansion of a moment that feels like freedom.

Artistic Direction

Digital Illustration


Illustrator, Photoshop

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