A spiritual luxury Brand

[Logodesign for Visionary Mind - Mockup project]

The Logodesign:  The ascending bird

The Mood: Sensitive, luxurious, feminin, intuitive

Businesscards with the Emblem


Visionary Mind is a spiritual wellnessbrand with the focus on personal growth, spirituality, and connecting with likeminded people. 

The logo is an personal energetical power symbol that expresses clarity and alignment and that unites the brands essence :

  • The star in the middle as a strong symbol for inner vision, guidance and trust
  • the bird for changing perspectives, and departure — off to new worlds
  • the circle for holistic thinking
  • the circle in combination with the triangle as a sign for the third eye chakra symbol. A symbol for visions, inner clarity and spirituality


Word Mark


Illustrator, Photoshop

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